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Welcome to the CARL website
Carl is leading the campaign to end the infamous leasehold style of residential property 'ownership' that still exists in England and Wales.


Should Leasehold be Abolished?

Read the debate in The Observer

The Chair of CARL, Nigel Wilkins, writes in The Guardian how landlords make profits at the expense of leaseholders.


CARL asks Lib Dem MPs why they have sold out on their pre-election promises to leaseholders

Nigel Wilkins, Chairman of CARL, has written to all Lib Dem MPs asking for their comments on the party's abandoning of their pre-election support for leaseholders.

He concludes that Lib Dems 'have achieved nothing in government for leaseholders so far - nor is there any sign of anything on the horizon. Instead we have received correspondence from the Lib Dem housing minister, Andrew Stunell, claiming that the "current legislative framework can deliver the right balance of rights and responsibilities between landlords and leaseholders". This view does not represent a compromise with the Conservatives, but a complete sell out - lock, stock and barrel.'

The complete letter can be read here


 CARL campaigns to abolish the feudal leasehold system of flat and house 'ownership'.

CARL campaigns for the adoption of Commonhold as the universal form of flat ownership, and for house leaseholders to acquire their freeholds.

What is leasehold?
When you 'buy' a flat, you may think you own it, but that's far from the case. All you have bought is the right to occupy the flat for the number of years stated on the lease. You are merely a tenant for that period. And once the terms ends, it reverts to the landlord unless you are prepared to pay the landlord to extend it.

As a tenant you pay for the upkeep of the building, but have little control over how it is done or your money is spent. The freeholder and/or managing agent are responsible for that. This puts them in a powerful position, and unfortunately there many ruthless landlords who exploit this, and make leaseholders' lives an expensive nightmare.

CARL is entirely dependent on its membership for its lobbying power and income, and greatly appreciates that support. If you are not a member and share our objectives, then please join the campaign!

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CARL publishes a quarterly newsletter
- The Leaseholder.
A sharply written review of the politics of leasehold, the latest freeholder scams, and a digest of legal developments and news, is sent free to members. All copies can also be downloaded.