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Campaign Strategy

 CARL actively campaigns to keep leasehold on the political and media agenda by seeking media publicity, lobbying MPs and government, and putting its case to any organisation with an interest in leasehold.

Recent activities include

 Help CARL extend the campaign to end the misery and inequity of leasehold.

If you're not a member do join.

Keep the pressure up on your MP and force them to take a serious interest in leasehold problems.

Write letters to the press and help raise the media profile of leasehold.

Distribute copies of CARL's newsletter The Leaseholder to your neighbours, and engage them in the isssues. Contact CARL for more copies.


Getting letters published in national newspapers and Estates Gazette (the latest flurry in the Estate Gazette can be seen in the current newsletter).

Transparency in Leaseholders Service Charges
Anita Shields
, the auditor who blew the whistle on Southwark Council's
service charge accounting processes (also see BBC website)
This was a keynote presentation at the 2007 CARL Conference

Committee Members met Shona McIsaac (MP for Cleethorpes) in February, to argue for the revival of the All-party Parliamentary Group on Leasehold. Shona, an MP knowledgable about leasehold, agreed to help revive the group..

CARL chairman Nigel Wilkins appeared on Radio 4's Money Box programme to discuss the failure of commonhold to take off.

The Daily Telegraph consulted CARL for a hard-hitting article on leasehold exploitation published on 21 January 2006, and featured a committee member's own dreadful experience with leasehold.

Nigel Wilkins recently attended
a meeting with the Office of Fair Trading arranged by John Denham MP, to discuss the unfair contract terms in leases.

CARL responded to the government's consultation on service charges. Read it here

LibDems share many of CARL's concerns. Read the LibDems position on leasehold